Moon Feather Hollow
Moon Feather Hollow

Explore Whimsey, Wonder & Wisdom in Portals of Possibility!

Weave dreams, spark your soul, & connect to the rhythms of nature and creative magic!

About Moon Feather Hollow

Why do we find the woods so enchanting? What calls to us? Why are our childhood fairy tales and myths so compelling? Ever wish you could go to Hogwarts, be a pirate or meet a dragon? What stirs your imagination?

Enter the enchanted wilds of Moon Feather Hollow, where mythical muses conspire to ignite your imagination! We're an online community of creative explorers. Be transported to a magical realm situated amidst rolling hills, zig zagging creeks, moss covered rocks, whistling woods, ridges and ravines where you can play and discover what lights you up!  

What looks like play from the surface is really a much deeper journey into nature and ourselves.

This community has been designed to open up a world of imagination & inspiration, to spark your creativity, ignite your soul, and fuel your passions.

Join life-artists, Aimee & Stephanie from the east and west coast for foraged fun and whimsical surprises! Creative expression is so very important, our muses delight when you engage with our community through curated articles, discussions, crafting and whatever the muses inspire. Venture into secret portals protected by dragons, by appeasing a shape-shifting cat or stumbling across a portkey. 

Why Enter Our Enchanted Wilds?

  • Engage in playful missions designed to reacquaint you with your inner wildling.
  • Open you up to new ideas and insights.
  • Rediscover the wonder and enchantment available in everyday life.
  • Celebrate the seasons & cycles of the Wheel of the Year.
  • Form a kinship with the other wild hearts in Moon Feather Hollow.
  • Share your creative projects and your wisdom.
  • Connecting with others helps to weave the threads of your experience into new emerging opportunities.

The art of living an enchanted life is the regular practice of suspending disbelief, connecting to something beyond what can be seen, and feeding our wild nature. ~Stephanie Foley

A Big Thanks for Sharing your Magic!

Your magic is not only wishing upon a star with the joy of a young wildling. It's casting your wish into those speckled skies with the wisdom of a wiseling, knowing that you are really just wishing upon yourself. You are born from stardust after all. 
And those twinkling stars are reflections of the twinkle in your eyes from connecting with others and sharing your creative magic. Twinkles of mischief, of delight, and of possibilities.  

Thank you for being here. Thank you for your willingness to unearth your own personal soul sparks, and to ease into that magical state of flowing creativity. And know that for us, YOU are the magic ingredient. The spark that sends fire through our veins and pulls creativity from the ether through our fingers. You draw the very best from us and cause us to surprise ourselves as we continue to evolve before our eyes. You are the reason WE show up, and for that we will be forever grateful.  

In moonlit magic & pixie kissed dreams, 

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Seasons of Moon Feather Hollow

Seasons are celebrated across the Hollow for explorers wishing to feel more connected to the rhythm of the nature and the Wheel of the Year. The muses - the moon & stars, the faerie realm, plants & trees, spirit animals - inspire us to create.

Or, if you prefer to get to know us better...