Moon Feather Hollow
Moon Feather Hollow

Explore Whimsey, Wonder & Wisdom in Portals of Possibility!

Weave dreams, spark your soul, & connect to the rhythms of nature and creative magic!

About Moon Feather Hollow

Why do we find the woods so enchanting? What calls to us? Why are our childhood fairy tales and myths so compelling? Ever wish you could go to Hogwarts, be a pirate or meet a dragon? What stirs your imagination?

Enter the enchanted wilds of Moon Feather Hollow, where mythical muses conspire to ignite your imagination! We're an online community of creative explorers. Be transported to a magical realm situated amidst rolling hills, zig zagging creeks, moss covered rocks, whistling woods, ridges and ravines where you can play and discover what lights you up!  

What looks like play from the surface is really a much deeper journey into nature and ourselves.

Explore the grounds at your leisure! 

You'll find book lovers in Athena's Treehouse, makers in Capri's Creative Cove, and scenic wonders in Peppertwig's Wandering Path. Explore baubles & barters in Trixie's Trading Post, Moon Mysteries in Midnight's Lunar Labyrinth, or peruse oddities & curiosities in Celestine's Curio Cabinet.

This community has been designed to open up a world of imagination & inspiration, to spark your creativity, ignite your soul, and fuel your passions.

Join life-artists, Aimee & Stephanie from the east and west coast for foraged fun and whimsical surprises! Creative expression is so very important, our muses delight when you engage with our community through curated articles, discussions, crafting and whatever the muses inspire. Venture into secret or premium portals by contributing gold to a dragon's treasure, appeasing a shape-shifting cat or stumbling across a portkey. Check out those portals below. 

Some Portals such as Midnight the Moondragon's Portal to Navigational Magic, Wonder & Wander in Fig's Fern Gully, and Snow Queen & Holly King's Portal to Holiday Hygge host short term adventures as the muses whisper to us.  

The mapping of Moon Feather Hollow is ongoing as the grounds are explored and new portals open. Trixie, Keeper of the Watchtower, and her pixie scouts as well as the Groundskeepers, Aimee & Stephanie are always on the look-out for muse inspired developments.  

Why Enter Our Enchanted Wilds?

  • Engage in playful missions designed to reacquaint you with your inner wildling.
  • Open you up to new ideas and insights.
  • Rediscover the wonder and enchantment available in everyday life.
  • Celebrate the seasons & cycles of the Wheel of the Year.
  • Form a kinship with the other wild hearts in Moon Feather Hollow.
  • Share your creative projects and your wisdom.
  • Connecting with others helps to weave the threads of your experience into new emerging opportunities.

The art of living an enchanted life is the regular practice of suspending disbelief, connecting to something beyond what can be seen, and feeding our wild nature. ~Stephanie Foley

A Big Thanks for Sharing your Magic!

Your magic is not only wishing upon a star with the joy of a young wildling. It's casting your wish into those speckled skies with the wisdom of a wiseling, knowing that you are really just wishing upon yourself. You are born from stardust after all. 
And those twinkling stars are reflections of the twinkle in your eyes from connecting with others and sharing your creative magic. Twinkles of mischief, of delight, and of possibilities.  

Thank you for being here. Thank you for your willingness to unearth your own personal soul sparks, and to ease into that magical state of flowing creativity. And know that for us, YOU are the magic ingredient. The spark that sends fire through our veins and pulls creativity from the ether through our fingers. You draw the very best from us and cause us to surprise ourselves as we continue to evolve before our eyes. You are the reason WE show up, and for that we will be forever grateful.  

In moonlit magic & pixie kissed dreams, 

[email protected]

Seasons of Moon Feather Hollow

Season are celebrated across the Hollow for explorers wishing to feel more connected to the rhythm of the nature and the Wheel of the Year. 

In the Wisdom Bundle, we're Journalcrafting with the muses -- a reinvention of the art of journaling & scrap-booking, reshaping self-growth practices and innovating the use of oracle cards. We're growing a kinship with the other wild hearts in our sacred circle who also love books, writing, oracle cards, the fresh taste of vitality and a healthy dose of wildling curiosity!

The muses - the moon & stars, the faerie realm, plants & trees, spirit animals - inspire us to create with poetry, collage, paint, zen doodle, writing prompts and our printable Journal Jewels, seasonally themed pages designed for specific prompts. We even use treasure boxes for things too 3D for our journals! 


In the Wonder Bundle, we're tuning into nature with the seasons as we wonder & wander in Fig's Fern Gully, explore botanical buddies in Mystic Raven's Secret Garden & Apothecary, and tune to the cycles of the moon with Midnight Moondragon's Navigational Magic.

In the Whimsey Bundle, we're playfully engaging in seasonal crafting, tuning into our vitality with the lunar phases, and musing on lunar themes for mail art correspondence.

The bundles are cumulative, so Whimsey is just Whimsey, but Wonder includes Whimsey, and Wisdom includes everything from Wonder & Whimsey!

Check out our Whimsey, Wonder, & Wisdom Bundles! 

Guided Journeys & Subscription Portals 

Details at:

Join our Lunar Society to participate in a very special community project — handmade art correspondence! With Moon as muse, we vote on a name each cycle, then create monthly mail art correspondence inspired by our moon name! We infuse our magical moon mail with hidden new moon intentions to be magnified by recipients, together we weave a web of magic through tangible mail art! Entry via Isles of Whimsey, Wonder & Widsom.

There is power in crafting in community! Let’s inspire and encourage each other as we dive into our craft supplies to create and explore our creativity. You can bring your works in progress, start something new, or paint a Reverie River Rock inspired by the Hollow’s moon name each month. Social crafting and occasional instruction via zoom. Entry via Isles of Whimsey, Wonder & Widsom.

Our Secret Wildwood Society meets once each lunar cycle in a magical space nestled among the trees at the base of a stone cliff. Lady Isabella’s Shimmerbrook Chateau is an enchanting tea house. She is sharing her wisdom of the oracular arts through articles & resources. Come sip tea in her parlor as she also creates amazing tea concoction! $6.99 / month or free passage via Isles of Wonder & Widsom.


Stephanie and Aimee are the most original creators of online experiences I have ever come across (and I've been playing with adventure and creativity online for many years!) They put their imaginations, creations along with much labor and love into an amazing and captivating place(s). Everything they put into it is just lovely. It’s unpretentious, it’s enlightening, inspiring and beautiful to look at and read.   ~ Pamela Pinskey-Fischer

I can see myself continuing to practice Navigational Magic in my daily life.The added enchantment and whimsy makes the online community more enjoyable. My imagination has been more active, I have a stronger sense of the symbolism and energy of the different directions. ~ Carol Simon

This online community helps me connect more deeply with my creativity and magic! It's just so infused with amazing energy. All the techniques I did in my self-improvement journey had a complexity to them but here in Moon Feather Hollow it's organic -- you don't have to do a tool or technique, you can just be in this space and you are receiving the benefit of this magical energy. The online platform is easy to navigate. The questions, prompts and articles bring the subjects of art and creativity to life! ~ Community Member

You provided some much needed hope and community in a truly difficult time, and gave us all the space to work, create, play and love as we navigated quarantine. I am so grateful you gifted us the extraordinary opportunity to reconnect to our inner wildling. I have more of a commitment to a self-care routine, more questioning of why I make a decision – was it fear or heart based? My creativity has re-ignited but with tweaks to release the old resistance so that I can embrace things more fully, and with the push to keep going when I wanted to creative U-turn and give up. I’m more open to people – at the start, I was enjoying quarantine isolation way too much.  I was practically hermitting in an unhealthy way but now I saw how much I loved the energy of other, like-minded people to travel down this road with. 🙂 ~Jenny Dee,

I am happy to be a part of this fun community that celebrates and encourages the flow of that healthy, vital energy of creating beauty and cultivating bliss. - Seasonal Portal Member 

Magical Missives

Magical Missives are intended to help you connect with the Seasons & Cycles, the Wheel of the Year, and remind you to never lose your magic! Owls from the Hollow may fly over when there is some timely bit of Wonder, Wisdom, & Whimsy to share.  Be assured -- only things that pass our strict enchantment requirements will be sent.  

Click the image to subscribe.

iOs / Apple

The Apple fairies are very strict about portals with fees associated, so it's easiest to join us on a computer or android. You can process payment via iPhone or iPad, but not from the app, you must go through your web browser. Once any associated fees are paid, the apple app works.

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